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a little insight into this sanctuary with compassion


Entwood Wildlife Sanctuary, at Sandleton South Australia, was established by Cheryl and Wayne Donald in 1979, initially starting with 100 acres. Since then Entwood has grown to 1800 acres. Ownership has passed to their children Lenny and Lissy Donald, who intend to maintain the property as a Wildlife Sanctuary. For now management of the sanctuary remains with Cheryl and Wayne.

Since 1985 the Sanctuary has been covered by Heritage agreements with the South Australian government. These agreements are binding on all future titleholders over the land and protect the fauna and flora in perpetuity by restricting damaging activities (clearing, grazing domestic animals, building, vehicle access and hunting).

In 1992, Entwood was officially declared a Sanctuary; and listed as such in the government gazette adding weight to the protection of its wildlife.

A detailed species count was held over thirty years ago and after Wayne achieved a Science Degree the follow-up comparison to it is being undertaken with critical observations of wombat warrens, comparing the viability of them and noting the assortment of creatures using and visiting them.


Seasonal cycles vary over time (El Nino, La Nino, drought and floods). Entwood’s annual average rainfall is 250mm and over the last three years we have nearly doubled it each year. The previous six years were well below average however.

During 1982 Entwood received only 50mm of rain. In 1983 it received 575 mm and had localised flooding.

Vegetation and wildlife adapt accordingly and its interesting to observe these changes and adaptations over a relatively long period.


After retiring Entwood’s founders Cheryl & Wayne now have time to genuinely enjoy their time at Entwood.

The beauty of the Sanctuary may not immediately be obvious to visitors, but never ceases to surprise and captivate Cheryl & Wayne. It is a pleasure for them to live here despite the challenges of being in a semi arid region.

Entwood is a private sanctuary but it is open to visits from like-minded people/groups with an interest in the natural world, by appointment only.

It must be emphasised that the environment is semi-arid and can be quite harsh at times (eg. up to 50 deg Celsius in Summer).

Please contact Entwood via email or post to make arrangements for visits or general enquiries.