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Entwood Wildlife Sanctuary is situated amid semi-arid Mallee land on Meru Country in South Australia. This private sanctuary preserving 1800 acres of heritage protected flora, fauna and its environment has grown substantially since 1979 when it was established with 100 acres. It is located about 24km west of Blanchetown on the Murray River.



Entwood Wildlife Sanctuary is fortunate to have numerous stands of "old growth" mallee throughout the sanctuary. These are necessary for the vast majority of birds in the region as they have evolved to nest in hollows rather than traditional cup nests. The lack of disturbance over the last forty plus years to the top layers of earth has allowed the Duricrust to reform in many places throughout the sanctuary.


The Entwood Wildlife Sanctuary was created and has evolved over the last forty plus years with a strong understanding and application of the following three observations of successful natural harmony:



All life forms are interdependent: Prey is as dependent on predators for population control as predators are dependent on prey for food supply.



Stability of ecosystems is dependent on their diversity (complexity): An ecosystem that contains 100 species is more stable than an ecosystem that contains only three species. For example, complex tropical rain forests are more stable than fragile arctic tundra.


Finite Limits

All resources (food, water, air, minerals, energy) are finite and there are limits to the growth of all living systems.

The Importance of Everything

We strongly support the “Declaration of Interdependence” written by David Suzuki and others for the UN Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro in 1992.

We believe that it sums up our choices as individuals and as a species.

Do we act responsibly for future generations, or do we act selfishly for the moment, (the latter leads to destruction of the environment and ultimately our own species).

Labour of LOVE

Internal Fences

Over 20 km's of internal fences have been removed, ending the dangers for wildlife with free passage through the sanctuary.‚Äč

Farming & Weeds

There were large areas of weeds through agricultural use by previous landholders, they have been naturally & successfully managed.


The sanctuary environs have bounced back naturally & gloriously over the 40 years since the first block was purchased.

Future Safety

Heritage Listings for the property mean that the Sanctuary remains evermore a safe & protected place for the flora & fauna found here.


The main types of plants present on the sprawling Entwood Wildlife Sanctuary are Mallee eucalypt forest & open areas of salt bush & acacias.

A wide variety of tiny flowers are present in the springtime with presences ranging from days to weeks depending on rainfall that season.


There is a rather wide range of wildlife present at Entwood Wildlife Sanctuary. Birds include both resident & migratory types with variants ranging in size from tiny wrens to emus. Wombats & kangaroos abound as do lizards, snakes & a plentiful array of insects & spiders.

ENTWOOD Timeline


A list of flora and fauna species observed thus far at Entwood, with further detailed information and images linked to courtesy of Ellura Sanctuary